Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More pictures (6.29)

Jana's presentation

Where we had lunch

Tons of food!!

Presentation is everything. So beautiful!

Elizabeth's bite taught her that she should check for bones first...

Traditional Korean dessert. It's rice in sugar water. We realized later that you are supposed to drink it...not eat it with a spoon. Ah cultural differences...

Rockin out in the subway

At the palace after the changing of the guard. These men portray the old police

Beautiful palace courtyard

The markers represent where each level of citizens would stand and then bow to the king. The front markers are for the most prominent, and the lower class citizens were in the back.

This marker would be for the prime minister. The "dash" symbol you see is the number "one."

Inside the throne room where the king sat

These bowls were filled with water because there was a superstition that if a ghost was behind you and you looked in the water, the ghost would see it's ugly reflection and run away!

Old world and new world united

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  1. Breath-takingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing. You three have a keen eye for great story-telling with high quality photography. It always helps, doesn't it, when the subject matter is so inspiring.