Friday, June 11, 2010

Testing, Testing

Hello friends !

Starting Sunday, we will be exactly 2 weeks from our departure date! We spent the morning coming up with a lesson plan for our multicultural sensitivity presentation for the 6th grade Korean students. We then re-wrote some lyrics to a traditional Korean children's song to reflect the importance of appreciating the differences of others. After pulling out all of our hair (except Jana, her hair got bigger...), we finally arrived at some lyrics that we are proud of! We are happy to say that our friendships are still intact.

From here, we are working individually on our two other presentations (Dr. Suh...have you started yet?!) as well as wrapping up our intense 5 week summer classes. Did we mention the fact that we still have to pack?

And did we mention...we leave in 2 weeks? No, seriously, 2 weeks!!

Lots of love from the group study room of RBD, 3rd floor.

Jana, Elizabeth, and Erin