Friday, June 11, 2010

Testing, Testing

Hello friends !

Starting Sunday, we will be exactly 2 weeks from our departure date! We spent the morning coming up with a lesson plan for our multicultural sensitivity presentation for the 6th grade Korean students. We then re-wrote some lyrics to a traditional Korean children's song to reflect the importance of appreciating the differences of others. After pulling out all of our hair (except Jana, her hair got bigger...), we finally arrived at some lyrics that we are proud of! We are happy to say that our friendships are still intact.

From here, we are working individually on our two other presentations (Dr. Suh...have you started yet?!) as well as wrapping up our intense 5 week summer classes. Did we mention the fact that we still have to pack?

And did we mention...we leave in 2 weeks? No, seriously, 2 weeks!!

Lots of love from the group study room of RBD, 3rd floor.

Jana, Elizabeth, and Erin


  1. Great blog site . . .Yall have fun! Erin's mom

  2. We are welcoming Jana, Erin and Elizabeth to Ewha in Seoul, Korea. The students in graduate program at Ewha are so excited to see you. We hope you have a safe trip and enjoy visiting Seoul for two weeks. We are looking forward to seeing you.

    Insoo Oh,
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Education
    Ewha Womans University

  3. I'm so excited for my best friend and her fellow classmates to get this awesome opportunity. I hope it's a wonderful experience not only education wise, but also from a social perspective. Be safe!

  4. Elizabeth, Erin and Jana,

    My love and prayers are with you as you travel to Korea and China. This is an outstanding travel and educational opportunity! Enjoy your journey, exercise safety and take care of each other.
    Blessings, Elizabeth's Momma

  5. I said lots of prayers for ya'll today! Have a wonderful trip! lots of love for my lizzy! WAR EAGLE!!

  6. Hey, Tigers:

    About now, you’re 10 hrs into your 14.5 hour flight from Atlanta. Upon landing, you’ll be over 7,100 miles from Auburn, but please know that you’re all still very close in our daily thoughts and prayers. So ... Welcome to South Korea!

    When you step off the plane there at the Seoul/Inchon Airport, you'll be standing on very historic soil -- site of the famous naval "Inchon Landing" that took place in Sepember 1950. It was orchestrated by General of the Army Douglas MacArthur that, coincidentally, he first proposed on June 29, 1950 -- exactly 60 years ago today (your time); just 4 days after the start of war. The invasion took months of Top Secret planning and effort to pull off; but, his very risky, controversial, thought-to-be-impossible landing of multinational forces @ Inchon was foundational to surprising the northern armies already there. Without a doubt, it was success @ Inchon that led to the eventual recapture of Seoul (20 miles away). Had it not been for victory and the tenuous stronghold there @ Inchon in 1950, it’s easy to believe that Seoul today would be in North, not South, Korea ... or, worse, more likely, there might not even be the free and independent, non-communist country of South Korea today. Just thought your first day there should start w/ a little history lesson -- from a retired Army Colonel who served with the Eighth US Army, Korea. :-)

    Enjoy your study abroad! Koreans, as you already know and will soon further experience, are a most gracious, hospitable, and wonderful people! Please exchange lots of your collective “Southern American charm” with them for us while you’re over there!

  7. Jana Erin Elizabeth

    This is a great educational opportunity.
    Memories you will never forget. Take care,
    and enjoy this wonderful trip.
    Jana's mom