Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pictures: Day 6 (7.3.10)

Weekend trip to Pusan (also spelled Busan)

Elizabeth and Erin on the boat in Pusan

Fish market in Pusan

Erin, Jana, Elizabeth, and Dr. Suh at the UN Memorial Cemetery. After the Korean War, the bodies of many soldiers were not able to go back to their home countries, so the Korean people buried them on their own soil. This was an incredibly moving experience for us, especially since it was the 4th of July weekend for us. Thank you to all of our soldiers who fight so hard for our freedom and the freedom of others.

The card says, "In respectful memory"

There was a lot of symbolism at this memorial fountain. The eternal flame stands for eternity. To the right of the flame is a helmet that symbolizes war and death. The flowers stand for peace & life, while the 21 fountain spewers stand for the 21 UN nations that participated in the Korean War. Additionally, the round pond signifies the Universe, and the reflection of the pond represents the sky, the fallen, and the beholders of the pond becoming united as One. The helmet is on one side of the water, while the flowers are on the other: this symbolizes the movement from War to Peace.

We stopped at the APEC house, which was the location of the 2005 Asian-Pacific Economic Conference. The house was built specifically for this conference.
This picture is made of mother-of-pearl and is, obviously, extremely expensive.

Standing where George W. Bush stood for the group picture

APEC house

This site was our final stop in our tour of Pusan. It is a site to "welcome the moon" because it has such a beautiful view of the sunrise and sunset.

Pictures: Day 5 (7.2.10)

Erin's 2nd presentation: Crisis Intervention.
Korea University's Career Counseling Center. On the table are copies of the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs in Korean

The actors for our performance of Nanta
Like Stomp...but with KNIVES!!!
Literally the SPICIEST food we've ever tasted. Even Jana was struggling towards the end! This is a very famous restaurant in Korea and this dish is very popular with younger Koreans
Hyun cutting our food!
The "kiddie" dish that Elizabeth and Erin had to eat because the main dish was so spicy!

Friday and Saturday: Day 5 & 6

Friday began with Erin's 2nd presentation titled crisis intervention in American Schools. It focused on aspects such as well developed, strategic plans for schools to implement during crisis situations. She emphasized the importance of planning ahead and developing action plans prior to a crisis situation including maintaining order and efficiency. The Korean presentation focused on programs such as crisis hot-lines that were targeted towards adolescents. The focus on many of the Korean crisis intervention programs were issues such as depression, divorce, suicide, etc. Whereas American interventions focus on all of the above and factors such as natural disaster, school violence, grief, and academic counseling. One interesting difference between Korea and America is the issue of gun control. Guns are prohibited in Korea, whereas Americans have somewhat easy access to fire arms. The Korean students' were shocked to learn the prevalence of school shootings in America, as well as the use of other weapons such as knives, bomb threats, etc. Erin included AU Alert as an example of Auburn University's crisis management.