Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday and Saturday: Day 5 & 6

Friday began with Erin's 2nd presentation titled crisis intervention in American Schools. It focused on aspects such as well developed, strategic plans for schools to implement during crisis situations. She emphasized the importance of planning ahead and developing action plans prior to a crisis situation including maintaining order and efficiency. The Korean presentation focused on programs such as crisis hot-lines that were targeted towards adolescents. The focus on many of the Korean crisis intervention programs were issues such as depression, divorce, suicide, etc. Whereas American interventions focus on all of the above and factors such as natural disaster, school violence, grief, and academic counseling. One interesting difference between Korea and America is the issue of gun control. Guns are prohibited in Korea, whereas Americans have somewhat easy access to fire arms. The Korean students' were shocked to learn the prevalence of school shootings in America, as well as the use of other weapons such as knives, bomb threats, etc. Erin included AU Alert as an example of Auburn University's crisis management.

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