Friday, July 2, 2010

Greetings friends and family....

It is early Saturday morning here in Korea. We have had an outstanding first week here. It's so hard to even put our experiences into words. Yesterday was another long, but productive day. Erin presented her second topic on Crisis Intervention. We had a lot of great discussion with the Korean students which we'll blog about later on today. Last night we attended the "Nanta" peformance which was incredible!! We had such an amazing time and cannot wait to share our experiences with you :) Today we are heading to Pusan with Dr. Suh. It should take about 2 hours by train to get there. It is the second largest city in Korea! We will update you more on our adventures from Friday and today in Pusan when we return later this evening....

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  1. Well said.
    Train service in South Korea is world class. Enjoy your trip to Pusan.