Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 10 (7. 7. 2010)

Jana's presentation: Self Esteem (prevalence and enhancement in American schools). Her presentation focused on how schools can foster students development and enhancement of self esteem. She gave specific examples of classroom recommendations and methods that have been shown to be effective such as: creating a community feeling within the school, parental influence and peer relationships. Korea focuses very little on the subject of self esteem within the school system. However, many students find themselves overwhelmed and depressed due to academic stress in the country which can have a negative influence on their self esteem. America uses a variety of assessments of self esteem, as does Korea. There seems to be more of a focus on subjective measures in regards to American methods.

"American sushi" for lunch :)....aka...not raw

Awesome noodles....and kimchi (Jana will miss you dearly)
Wee= We+ education+ emotion...This organization offers schools, classes and centers all aimed toward offering related support to adolescents (Which is often the school counselor's job in America)

Erin, Jana, and Elizabeth conducted classroom guidance for the Wee class. The focus was Multicultural diversity sensitivity and awareness.

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