Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 9: Korean Guidance Curriculum Day

Ewha Women's University Elementary School. This is where we did our guidance curriculum lesson on Multicultural/Diversity Awareness & Sensitivity

The school is founded on Christian principles

School lunchroom

The cafeteria food at Ewhaw Elementary School was much healthier than American School food!!

Counseling office
Counseling Center
Counseling Center
Elizabeth & Jana's guidance class

Which bag would you choose? Inside each bag is the same thing: assorted candies. The kids get to choose which bag they want based on its outside appearance. This is an illustration to show that although we are different on the outside, it is what is inside that is important. None of the kids wanted the bag itself...they wanted the candy INSIDE the bag!

After we discussed the importance of valuing our inside qualities, we asked the kids to draw what would be in their own gift box. What qualities do they possess that they offer their friends, family, school, community, and country?

Erin's guidance curriculum class

Erin explaining that even though both bags have candy inside of them, each student chose a different type of candy. We all have similar qualities as human beings, but we are unique and diverse--that's what makes us all so special. One person is not better than the other because of his or her own gifts.
Elizabeth and Jana's class

Erin's class singing the Diversity Awareness Song! Too cute. Their English is excellent.


  1. Oh my gosh! Those kids are so cute!

  2. The three of you are getting invaluable classroom experience. I'm so impressed with what you are doing.

  3. Hey Erin, it was great to hear your voice - I miss you.

  4. Erin! You definitely look like you're in your element :) I'm really enjoying the blog! Love you and miss you!