Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pictures: Day 7 (7.4.10)

Our first stop on Sunday was "pottery village". Han Chung is well known for his handmade pottery and we had the privilege of watching him fast at work as well as visiting his pottery store.

Video of the master at work!

This beautiful piece of pottery will never make it to the kiln. It is flawed and is considered a "failed" masterpiece. Crazy, huh?

These series of vases show the many stages it takes to craft, paint, & blaze a piece of pottery.

Kiln at Han Chung's pottery workshop

Lunch after we visited "pottery village." SO MUCH FOOD!

Here's looking at you!

After our pottery tour we visited a Korean Folk Village. The picture above is of the idols that were placed at the front of community gates to ward off evil spirits.

This was a reinactment of a traditional Korean folk dance that would be performed in the fall in hopes of a good harvest.

As recent as fifty years ago, people of Korea still lived in villages just like this one shown above. Seoul has made great strides to increase their development and has quickly grown over the past fifty years.
Agriculture community

Kimchi pots

You know you are destined to be a school counselor when you take pictures of cute kids that you don't know.

Outside of the governor's palace, there were several stations showing the different forms of torture used on citizens. This was used for flogging.
Cute kid flogging his mom!
It was the 4th of July, so we tried to find a more "American" place to eat. Does an Australian restaurant count as American?
The first time we have had Sprite or Coke Zero on our trip. YUM!
Steak, fries, and a sweet potato (that wasn't orange inside like ours are!)

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  1. Hey!! Looks like you guys are having an amazing time! All your pictures are fantastic.. I feel like I am there with you! I hope the next two weeks are as much fun as your first week was! See you when you get back.