Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jet-Lag is a Beast

Today we had our first class and met a lot of great new friends in Korea University's school counseling program. We talked about the differences between multicultural & diversity sensitivity in both Korea and the US. We learned a lot from each other and how our two countries are similar and different. For instance, while Korea mostly focuses on multiculturalism (meaning different races and ethnicities), the US has shifted towards focusing on diversity (incorporating factors like religion, gender, SES, sexual orientation, etc.). However, both countries (especially the school counselors in both countries) are working towards establishing equality for all students and helping students who may not have the type of education they need simply because of their minority status.

After class we had lunch with the International Studies chair and her graduate assistant at a Korean Chinese restaurant. We tried LOTS of new food--in fact, we were so full from lunch that we had a bowl of ice cream (from Cold Stone!!) for dinner.

After lunch, we had a tour of Korea University. It is such a beautiful campus with lots of fun traditions. Their media center is the equivalent to our library--lots of places to study and do work!

Finally, we had two girls from our class take us to Janhul to shop (at least, we think that's what it was called...). We took the subway, and it was INCREDIBLE--extremely clean, lots of room to stand and sit, and we felt completely safe.

Now we are getting showers and headed to bed early because we are noticing that we are still severely jet-lagged (especially Jana!) and need to prepare for class tomorrow!

To our cohort: We think of you often and wish you guys were here with us! We miss you!

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  1. Glad to know that you all are safe and have arrived with traveling grace. HAVE FUN!