Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pictures from today (6.29)

Us in front of Korea University's main entrance and "Central Park" before our tour this afternoon. Apparently, when the weather is nice, students relax on the grass and have picnics. It's a lot like Auburn's quad... or that weird open field everyone calls "Auburn Beach" (except it's a lot nicer!)

Built into the floor is a 3D map of campus, and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! They even encouraged us to walk across it. It was a really neat way to see just how large KU is!

Our feet over the school's "Central Park" and front entrance.

Before entering the media center, students must swipe their ID card and reserve a study table for 3 hours at a time. The yellow squares are open, and if someone leaves their desk for more than an hour, their table is given away.

This is how Korea University professors take roll. Students swipe a card before they enter class (so the professor can see if they were on time), and then students must swipe the card after class is over (so the professor can see if they "ran away from class," as our tour guide said)

KU is extremely high tech. This is the entrance to the study rooms in the media center.

This is "Squirrel Road." Tradition says that if you are walking with one other person of the opposite sex and you see a squirrel, the two of you will start dating. However, if you are walking with someone of the same sex and you see a squirrel, then you will remain single for your duration at KU. No squirrels were spotted today...

Beautiful spot at KU. Our tour guide told us that these trees are apparently very expensive, and if you were to steal it, you could go to jail! (Apparently, the pole sticking out of the ground is to hold up the tree, and NOT to strap it to the ground...we won't name names as to who asked that question...)

To commemorate the day, we went to a store that was full of those picture booths! It was so crowded! They even had funny hats and props to use for the pictures.

Apparently after you finish taking the pictures, you can draw on them and add fun clip art pictures!

We laughed so hard while doing this!

Getting the pictures laminated and cut. Thank you girls for such a sweet memory from our first full day in Korea!

Shopping :-) There was SO much to look at!

Sweet friends bought us a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts! They were HOT NOW, and who can resist that sign?

This is how excited Erin is to know Yu-Na Kim is a student at Korea University! Our school counseling friends are planning on taking us to the on-campus Olympic sized skating rink sometime this week. Apparently, the University re-did the entire rink to accommodate her practice needs while at school


  1. Wonderful pictures! Beautiful campus!
    Is that Korean U or Harvard U?

    It looks like a place where tradition meets high tech full force. So, those machines actually tell on you if you skip out early on lectures?! I think we could use a few of those things in the halls of Congress.

    Erin, are you SURE you didn't slip your ice skates into your suitcase? It didn't tip the scales at the airport, but it was close! :) Yeah, you and Yu-Na Kim ... just a couple of fellow KU students sharing some ice time together this summer. Sure, she's an Olympic Gold Medalist, but since you're now a Coach, maybe she'd like a few pointers? Right! When she asks for your autograph, then you can ask for hers.

  2. Oh my gosh! What beautiful pictures! I want to know which one of you asked the question about the tree...

  3. Meg:
    Good question! And I'd like to hear more about that whole "squirrel patrol" thing ...

  4. Janice said: Awesome - I never dreamed there were so many beautiful places in S Korea. Parts of it, like "Squirrel Road" remind me of North Carolina. I'm so glad yall didn't see any squirrels. (of course I am NOT superstitious) Love you!!